During the Triassic Period, (250-205 million years ago), reptiles ruled,

like this heavily armoured Aetosaur.

There were crocodile-like reptiles, like the Phytosaur,

and anphibians, like this Buettneria Perfecta.

During the Cretaceous Period, (145-65 million years ago), there was the Tyrannosaurus Rex, one of the largest land carnivores of all time. He ate Aggies for breakfast!

A few teeth from a close relative were found here in Texas.

Here are the heads of two duck-billed dinosaurs, a Parasaurolophus and a Hadrosaur.

There was a head of a pointed lizard, the Centrosaurus.

The Tertiary Period, (65-2 million years ago), followed an extinction at the end of the Cretaceous Period.

There were some large animals around, as suggested by this lower jaw from a Shovel tusked Gomphothere, a prehistoric elephant, found in Roberts County, Texas.

Not all examples in the exhibit were found in Texas. This American "Zebra", one of the oldest horses of the genus Equus, was found in Idaho.

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