S. Henton Swank (p. 262): born 1854; public schools, normal school; homesteader in Arkansas; merchant in several small towns in Vir.; retired at Singer Glen as owner of 1500 tree apple orchard.

Family: father: farmer.
brothers and sisters: names, except one who married a storekeeper.
sons: soldiers in World War.

Evaluation: "Soldiers" does not mean "officers"' lower middle class status characterizes family, although persons unaccounted for could be of different (lower) standing.

Whitfield L. Mauzy (p. 270): born 1873; public school and high school; clerk in mercantile house; assisted in founding mercantile house; 1920 became president of Stonewall bank at McGaheysville, Vir.

Family: father: Mossy Creek academy, farmer, commission business, merchant in small town.
father's father: "extensive land owner at one time . . , " merchant.
children: one lawyer, one student at Wash. and Lee, four youngsters.

Evaluation: Merchant, merchant-farmer, merchant-banker, student-lawyer: that is the line of development. Solid citizens of small communities.

Robert Emory Blackwell (p. 276): born 1854; Phi Beta Kappa, A.M., studied at Leipzig, taught at Washington and Lee, LL.D., president of Randolph-Macon college now twenty years.

Family: father: clergyman, chaplain in Civil War, twice president of Randolph-Macon college.
father's father: planter, owner of "Clifton."
father's father's father: lieutenant in Revolution, planter.
wife: daughter of a president of Randolph-Macon college.

Evaluation: planters became professionals. Status similar.

George G. Snarr (p. 281): born 1889; public school and high school, Maryland Medical College; city health officer. Prominent young professional man of Harrisonburg."

Family: father: county road commissioner, county commissioner of revenue.
father's father: immigrant from Germany, cabinet maker, carpenter.
mother: daughter of veterinarian and farmer.
wife: school teacher, graduate of Cornell.
brothers and sisters: two wives, one doctor, one miller, one travelling salesman.

Evaluation: Young professional man in small town. Father seems to have improved status over that of grandfather.

William C. Hoover (p. 287): born 1870; public schools and Bridgewater College; farmer, dairyman, bank director (Rockinham county), butcher.

Family: father: large landowner.
father's father: same.
father's father's father: received grant of 1100 acres from George III. This land is still held by the family.
son: active partner and manager of father's enterprises.

Evaluation: Like father, like son.

Harry A. Funkhouser (p. 293): born 1885; private school, the Massnutten Academy, inherited father's 120-acre farm, active in some farm and other local organizations.

Family: father: rural schools, "served in Civil War," farmer.
father's father: farmer, sheriff.
wife: former school teacher.
children: one wife, one high school teacher, one name, one "connected with Cadillac Auto Co., Detroit," one student.

Evaluation: Same farm for three generations. A middle-class family throughout.

Hiram W. Bertram (p. 300): born 1868; free schools, high school, Roanoke College, Univ. of Vir.; nine years member of city (Harrisonburg) council, was city attorney, has published and farming interests.

Family: father's father's father: received from George III a grant.
father's father: lived all his life in one house, same farm.
father: lived all his life on same farm, also a merchant, then postmaster, taught for a time in the free schools.
brother: merchant.
wife: daughter of a farmer-merchant, one time sheriff.
son: Ph.D. in science, now law student at Yale.

Evaluation: For generations the family were agriculturalists. Subject's father started the transition. Now law (and at a higher level of status) holds their attention.

William Jeter Phillips (p. 307): born 1879; public school, one year at Margaret Academy, B.S. and M.S. from Virginia Poly. Institute, one year at Univ. of Illinois. Entomology, federal employee, charge of field laboratory. Scientific interests.

Family: father: "prominent farmer."

Evaluation: No other data about family background. No reference to "self-made."

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