Westerholm Family

As the story goes, one of our ancestors moved in the early 1700s from Lestijarvi in Finland to a farm near Rejpelt to work. He married the farmer's daughter and adopted the name of the farm, "West." It was customary at the time to adopt the name of your location. The West family lived on the West Farm for five generations. Around 1840, Hans West moved to Jakobstad, presumably because an older sibling had inherited the farm, and changed his name to "Westerholm." Thor Westerholm emigrated with his family in 1959 to White Plains, New York.

Hans, Helena and family, 1869

Hans Westerholm
b. 22 July 1825 in Rejpelt, Voro, Finland
d. 30 June 1902 in Jakobstad, Finland
Brita Caisa Andersdotter Rudnas
b. 15 February 1827
d. 29 August 1868
Helena Sundquist
b. 7 January 1825 in Terijarv, Finland
d. 18 September 1904


Children of Hans and Brita:

Chaterina Carolina Westerholm 1850
Anna Wilhelmina Westerholm 1851-1953
Sven Eric Westerholm 1853
Johan Efrain Westerholm 1857
Lovisa Augusta Westerholm 1858
Jenny-Wilhelmina Westerholm 1859
Johanna Sofia Westerholm 1860
Edla Matilda Westerholm 1861
Hilda Maria Westerholm 1863
Otto Wilhelm Westerholm 1864
Karl Gustav Westerholm 1867-1924           *
Sven Westerholm 1869-1928
Anna Maria Westerholm 1870-1885
Hans Viktor Ivar Westerholm 1873-1890

Karl and Johanna, 1914

Karl Gustav Westerholm
b. 30 October 1867 in Jakobstad, Finland
d. 25 February 1924 in Jakobstad, Finland
Johanna Mattilda Widman
b. 12 July 1869 in Jakobstad, Finland
d. 11 October 1956 in Jakobstad, Finland


Children of Karl and Johanna:

Gosta Westerholm 1893-1980
Elvi Westerholm 1894-1920
Thor Viktor Westerholm 1896-1967       *
Irma Westerholm 1900-1908
Rakel Westerholm 1902-1975

Thor, ca. 1924

Thor Viktor Westerholm
b. 3 March 1896 in Jakobstad, Finland
d. 24 April 1967 in White Plains, NY, USA
Ruth Margit Hoglund
b. 20 July 1905 in Oulais, Finland
d. 13 July 1970 in White Plains, NY, USA


Children of Thor and Margit:

Sven Thor Gustaf Westerholm 1932-2016
Inga Margaretha Westerholm 1934-
Gustaf Westerholm 1938-                      *


Gustaf Westerholm
b. 13 June 1938 in Jakobstad, Finland
Linda Birgitta Langsjo
b. 28 February 1941 in Jakobstad, Finland


Children of Gustaf and Gitta:

Micael Gustaf Westerholm 1961-            *
Peter Sven Westerholm 1964-


Micael Gustaf Westerholm
b. 19 April 1961 in White Plains, NY, USA
Carolyn Pinto
b. 1 January 1965 in White Plains, NY, USA

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