Elizabeth Hill Carter (1731-1760) was a descendant of William the Conqueror, Rollo the Viking, Charlemagne, Kenneth of Scotland and Pepin, as these images show to confirm the data from another source:

William Evelyn Byrd (1728-1777) and Elizabeth Hill Carter (1731-1760)
John Bird (1750-1830) and Mary Waller (1756-)
David Bird (1784-1861) and Mary Ann Broyles (1786-1852)
William Bonaparte Woolsey (1821-1905) and Alice Bird (1825-1918)
John Dixon Lovette (1842-1917) and Mary Emily Woolsey (1844-1912)
Robert E. Headrick (1866-1917) and Uona Belle Lovette (1873-1962)
William Cecil Headrick (1904-1995) and Edith Finkelstein (1902-1970)

Headrick Family