Michel Garoutte

There are several entries in Wikipedia claiming that the Garoutte and d'Espinassy families had ancestors from the French Royal family, particularly Henry IV, (see below). Furthermore, there were two similar claims by Ellan Douglas Thiesen, in her book "The French and American History of Michael Garoutte and His Descendants" (1974). According to the first claim, an American Garoutte descendant (Leo Haskett) traveled to Marseille in 1939, where a French Garoutte told him that he was a descendant of the French Royal Family (page xxii). According to the second claim, we get the following excerpt from page xxxv:

"It seems that Michael was brought before the King, Louis XVI, for engaging in a duel when dueling had been forbidden by the Court, on pain of death. When the King saw that it was Michael (his cousin), he simply waved him away with a command not to do it again."




After doing some research, I believe that these claims were wishful thinking by some Garoutte descendants in America because none of the other search results I found provided any Royal ancestor. While the Garoutte and d'Espinassy families were certainly among the French nobility with titles (eg. baron), important positions in society (eg. captain, attorney general), and property with land, going back for many centuries to the 13th century or before, I do not believe that they had any Royal ancestors. Such an important detail would not have been overlooked.

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