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John Woolsey II 1706 - 1778

JOHN WOOLSEY II (JOHN3, GEORGE "JORIS"2, GEORGE SR1) was born abt 1706 in NY - Jamaica, Queens, and died aft. 1778 in NY - what is now Long Island. He married MARY SAMMIS December 15, 1730 in NY - Huntington, Suffolk, daughter of JOHN SAMMIS and REBECCA BRUSH. She was born abt 1710 in NY - what is now Long Island, and died aft 1778 in NY - Huntington, Suffolk.
John was buried in the Old Cemetery, Huntington, Long Island, New York. John joined the Presbyterian Church Dec. 15, 1730 of which his wife Mary was also affiliated.

1999 July 27 from Wilford W. Whitaker
Listed as signers of the Pledge or Articles of Association between 29 May 14 July 1775 and as a patriot in 1776 was one
GEORGE WOOLSEY, s/o of Rev. Thomas Woolsey and _____ - _____ Sarah Pierce
JOHN WOOLSEY (s/o John Woolsey & Mary Sammis) and
ZEPHANIAH WOOLSEY, s/o John Woolsey & Mary Sammis)

1999 September 30 from Wilford W. Whitaker
John Woolsey and Mary Sammis had a daughter Mary Woolsey, christened 4 Jun 1732 in the Presbyterian Church, at Huntington, Long Island, New York. No one knew what had happened to her. [Huntington Presb. Ch. Records] but it appears that she could be the following: [Notice particularly that the grandparents are listed as the "God=father and God-mother]

From: The Knickerbocker Family. The New York Genealogical and Biographical Record, Volume XL 1909. (40:107) Pub. by the NY Gene. & Bio. Society. 226 West 58th St., NY. "unlocated items" Ruleff Knickerbocker - p. 282. 4 Mar 1779 Ruleff Knickerbacker and his wife of Dover, had Mary, b 15 Feb 1778; Hannes and Mary Woolsey, God-father and God-mother. and from ibid, April 1902, p. 90. "Marriage Records of Amenia, NY." 31 Oct 1771, Releff Knickerbocker md Mary Woolsey.

Now, no one has known when John (Hannis) and Mary Sammis Woolsey died, but now, at least, we can say, that they died sometime after 15 Feb 1778, and possibly in Dutchess County, NY.

Also in Dutchess County, there are records of Sammis Woolsey, son of John Woolsey and Mary Sammis, and also records of Salmon Woolsey and Sampson Woolsey (Sampson being the most prevalent). I had come to the conclusion that these three are probably one and the same person (Sammis or Sampson Woolsey) but now know that Sammis Woolsey and Sampson Woolsey are different individuals, though probably brothers.

I also have a promissory note written by this same John Woolsey and also other documents he signed. All from Dutchess County.

This is the same John and Mary Sammis Woolsey who is the father of John III Woolsey who md 1) Priscilla Woolsey and 2) Sarah Oliphant, so I know there are many of you out there are related to them.

2001 August 5 from Wilford Whitaker
John Woolsey and Mary Sammis were married in the Old Presbyterian Church, in Huntington, Long Island, New York, 15 Dec 1730. They had six children christened in that Church. John (once spoken of as "Hannis", [nickname for 'Johannes'] - old German) Woolsey had land in Jamaica, Long Island, and sold it after he had moved to Huntington, Long Island.

GENE: Young, Marjorie. "Our Woolsey Family". Grand Prairie, TX c1994. FHL# 929.273 W887y

GENE: File sent by Ronald L. Gilliland."Descendants of John Wolsey". p.12-13

PROBATE: Long Island Source Records - From the New York Genealogical and Biographical Record. Selected and Introduction by Henry B. Hoff. Genealogical Publishing Co., Baltimore, MD. 1987. p. 148. Abstracts of early Wills of Queens Co, NY Books A & C at Jamaica. The will of the father:

Woolsey, John of Jamaica, yeoman 10 Jun 1721. To wife Abigail - life estate in 1/3 of lands and use of the rest til my oldest child and only son John reaches age 21 when he inherits. Son John to pay my daughter Rebecca Woolsey 60 pounds when she comes of age or marries. Wife Executrix. Wit: Gabriel Luff, Jr., William Wiggins & Robert Willis. Probated 5 Feb 1721. --This is will of John Woolsey [father of John Woolsey who married Mary Sammis], who gives to his wife Abigail, and his only TWO children, John & Rebecca.[ there is nothing anywhere I have found that suggests her name was Abigail Stephenson, and certainly not the Abigail Stephenson who the early researchers gave, as she is too old and besides that Abigail Stephenson was the wife of 1) Daniel Denton and when Denton was in London, she was found guilty of adultery with Maj. Daniel Whitehead, who she subsequently married, and had children by each.]

MARR: Old First Church on Main Street, Huntington, Long Island, New York, the oldest Presbyterian church. Copied by town historian Mr. Lott. "John Woolsey md Mary Sammis 15 Dec 1730. Joined church same day. Christened there are the following six children:

  1. Mary Woolsey chr 4 Jun 1732, md John Ruleff Knickerbocker 31 Oct 1771, Amenia, Dutchess, NY

  2. Rebecca Woolsey chr 17 May 1734 - nothing further is known of her

  3. John Woolsey III, Rev. War, chr 19 Oct 1737, d 14 Jan 1819, Jearoldstown, on Lick Creek, North Greene Co., TN md Priscilla Woolsey & Sarah Oliphant.

  4. Zephaniah Woolsey chr 1 Jun 1740 d. 14 May 1807 Woolsey farm, Camp Creek, Greene, TN Israel Woolsey chr 26 Oct 1742 nothing further is known?

  5. Israel Woolsey, chr 26 Oct 1742, Presbyterian Church, Huntington, of Columbia Co, NY

  6. Sampson Woolsey chr 28 May 1745, md 8 Jul 1773, Amenia, Dutchess Co, NY to Mary Gillett.

PROBATE: Collections of the New-York Historical Society for the year 1893.
Publication Fund Series. New York. Printed for the Society. 1893. p. 173 - The DENTONS were closely allied with the Woolseys.
Abstracts of Wills - Liber 12:[p. 311]. I Hezekiah Denton, of Jamaica, in Queens county, blacksmith, being sick. My clear lands which I bought of John Woolsey and William Oldfield, lying near the South . . . . to my wife Mary Denton. I leave to my executors my homestead and dwelling house, where I live, and also my woodland, which I bought of John Woolsey, adjoining to the said clear land. . . . . dated 18 Mar 1734. Witnesses, James Lewis, George Reynolds, Amos Smith, Joseph Smith. Proved 5 Apr 1735.

GENE: Woolsey, Robert M. THE WOOLSEY FAMILY --- A Genealogy in the form of annotated Family Charts. 1939-1969 The NYG&B Society. 2.121. Put here by rmw, agreed to by www and others also.

COURT: Court of Common Pleas - Dutchess County, New York. ANCIENT DOCUMENTS. FHL# 925806. #4298. 18 Nov 1758 - Know all men by these presents that I John Woolsey of Fish Kills and County of Dutchess Cordwainer, am held & firmly bound unto John Sulivan of the county aforesaid yeoman in the sum of fifteen pounds of good and Lawful money of the province of New York to be paid unto him or his Certain Attorney, his Ex'ors, Adm'srs, etc. or assignees to which payment well and truly to be made done and bind myself my heirs Ex'ors, Adm'srs, firmly by these presents Sealed with my seal dated the Eighteenth Day of November in the Thirty Second year of the reign of our sovereign Lord George the second by the Grace of God of Great Brittain France and Ireland King Defender - of the faith - Anno Domini 1758. The Condition of this Obligation is such that if the above bound John Woolsey his heires, Executors or Administrators Do and shall well and truly pay or cause to be paid unto the above named John Sulivan his Ex'ors, Adm's or assigns the full of seven pounds ten shillings of Lawful Money aforesd at or against the first Day of December 1759, Then this Obligation to be Void or Otherwise to be & remain in full force & Virtue. Signed Sealed & Delivered in presence of - John Woolsey (Seal) (Witnesses not named)

COURT: Court of Common Pleas - Dutchess County, New York. ANCIENT DOCUMENTS. FHL# 925806. #4251 - May Court 1760. John Willson VS John Woolsey. "Whereas John Willson in our Inferior Court of Common Pleas - by Bill - impressed John Woolsie in custody, etc. of High Sheriff of Dutchess Co., whereas on 7 Sep 1758 at Poughkeepsie was indebted to sd John Willson 15 pounds and 8 pence for divers goods, wares & merchandize John Woolsie assumed upon himself that debt & faithfully promised to pay and John Willson had before that time sold & delivered unto sd John Woolsie other goods, wares & merchandize - goods were delivered of other 15 pounds 8 1/2 pence - on 3 Oct 1758 did promise to pay 6 pounds on 1 Dec 1759 with lawful interest - promissory note - Woolsey has not paid said sums - refused to pay 19 pounds - Jury to inquire & assess damages. 4 Oct 1760 - Jacob Concklin, D[eputy] Clerk.

COURT: Court of Common Pleas - Dutchess County, New York. ANCIENT DOCUMENTS. FHL# 925806. #4294 - Oct Court 1760. John Willson VS John Woolsey. John Willson complains of John Woolsie, has yet to pay - & refused to pay & still doth refuse - 19 pounds damages. John Woolsey's signature. The following is in another hand and appears to be in the handwriting of John Woolsey, which is actually better than the clerk's: "I promise to pay or Caus To Be payed Unto John Willson The Just and Full sum of Six Pounds Corant Money of New York With the Lawfull Interist From the first Day of December Next Till the First Day of December Foling in the Year Seventeen Hundred and Fifty Nine For Value Rec'd as Witness My hand This Third Day of October 1758. Witness present [not named] John Woolsey"

COURT: Court of Common Pleas - Dutchess County, New York. ANCIENT DOCUMENTS. FHL# 925807. #5003 - Oct Court 1763 - John Woolsey at the Fish Kill in Dutchess Co. "I John Woolsey Am Bound to Dirck Brinkerhoff, merchant of same place 16 pounds - 1 May 1760 to pay 8 pound on 1 May next - if not paid - 16 pounds [owed - it appears the cost was doubled if not paid, plus "damageds assessed".] John Woolsey (Seal)

COURT: Court of Common Pleas - Dutchess County, New York. ANCIENT DOCUMENTS. FHL# 925808. #5391 - Oct Court 1767 - Hendrick Schenk complains of John Woolsey, Senr. of Dutchess Co., cordwinder for 22 pounds 3 shillings on 12 May 1767 at Poughkeepsie - a bill obligatory - of John Woolsey, Senr - indebted for 11 pounds 1 shilling 6 pence - did bind himself - to pay on 1 June next - hath not paid and refused to pay - Damage 20 pounds.

HIST: Le Fevre, Ralph. HISTORY OF NEW PALTZ, New York and its old Families, from 1678 to 1820, including the Huguenot pioneers and others who settled in New Paltz previous to the Revolution. Albany. Fort Orange Press. 1903. includes index. p. 96. 1765 - Real Estate Taxation - New Paltz 1765:
Thomas Woolsey 1765 5 lbs 5 shillings 0 pence.
John Woolsey 1765 0 lbs 5 shillings 0 pence.
Jadediah Dean 1765 1 lbs 8 shillings 0 pence.

CENSUS: 1790 Census Huntington town, Suffolk Co. NY. John Woolsey 51000. [I'm not sure who this John Woolsey is]

GENE: New York Genealogical and Biographical Record. Apr 1902. p. 90. "Marriage Records of Amenia, New York." contributed by Wm. A. Eardeley, M.A. Oct 1904. p. 282. 4 Mar 1779 Ruleff Knickerbacker and wife of Dover, had Mary, b 15 Feb 1778; Hannes and Mary Woolsey, God- father and God-mother".

Besides the six children christened in Huntington, there are other children who may be children of John Woolsey and Mary Sammis, because of their early dates.

  1. Lawrence Woolsey, b abt 1739, md Catherine _____ (Lawrence Woolsey, of the Little Nine Partners, Dutchess Co, NY), one of first settlers of Wakefield, Carleton Co, New Brunswick, which prob. means he was a UE Loyalist.

  2. Sammons or Salmons Woolsey, b abt 1745, md ________ - (Sammons Woolsey of Amenia, Dutchess Co, NY.

1790 Census Amenia Town, Dutchess Co, NY Salmons Woolsey 2 1 5 0 0. [One would tend to think that this Sammons/Salmons Woolsey would be the same as Sampson Woolsey, but Sampson Woolsey is found in the same census as Sampson Woolsey 1 7 4 0 0 .] Sammons and Sampson are brothers.

In 1782 Richard Woolsey & Mary of Amenia, Dutchess Co, NY sold Lot #30, which was divided into 9 lots and this is Lot #4 to Samson Woolsey. Witnesses to this deed were Sammons Woolsey and Silvanus Cornel - 332 acres. Much more work needs to be done on deeds here. The number "9 lots" is important.

3. Abraham Woolsey, b abt 1754, md ____ He was another U.E. Loyalist, a shoemaker from Westchester Co, NY, moved to Annapolis Royal in 1784, although there was an Abraham Woolsey, in the Rev. in 1776, from Westchester Co., NY in the First Regiment of NY. This is a difficult man to trace and may not be of this John Woolsey and Mary Sammis Family.

Abraham Woolsey, of Amenia, died bef 17 Mar 1830, when letters of admin. Were assigned to Isaac Woolsey, of Sharon, CT.

4. Denton Woolsey, b 1741, of Dover Plains, Dutchess Co, NY, d 20 May 1777, Dover Plains, Dutchess, New York, buried Valley View Cemetery, Dover Plains. He did marry.

These three are all quite early and were of Dutchess Co., NY. Of the three, I would suggest that Sammons or Sammis Woolsey was certainly the son of John Woolsey and Mary Sammis, if for no other reason than the name Sammis. He was probably born after they moved to Dutchess Co, NY from Huntington, Long Island, therefore not in the christening records.

History of Westchester County, N.Y.; marriage records of Presbyterian Church in Huntington, Long Island, and wills of John III Woolsey and Zephaniah Woolsey, made in Greene County, Tenn.; Bible of John Woolsey; Baptism records of family at the Huntington Presbyterian Church; Aug. 13, 1969 - town clerk of Huntington sent records from Old/First Church, Main St., to James Woolsey, New Carlisle, Ind., that were copied by a town historian, Mr. Zott, updated by Stevn Alsip of Corbin, Ky.; : The Knickerbocker Family. The New York Genealogical and Biographical Record, Volume XL 1909; 1790 Census Amenia Town, Dutchess Co, NY;and "Family History of George Wood Woolsey and Sarah Nelson" by Hester Woolsey Brewer in 1939.

FURTHER INFORMATION: Chuck Taylor's Family Webpage

Children of JOHN WOOLSEY and MARY SAMMIS are:
   i.   SAMPSON/SAMMIS WOOLSEY chr. 28 May 1745, NY - Huntington, Long Island, Presbytherian Church and died Bef. 1821 in NY - Amenia, Dutchess. He married MARY GILLETTE July 08, 1773 Presbyterian Church, Amenia, Dutchess, New York, daughter of JOEL GILLETT and MARY. She was born 1747 in NY - Amenia, Dutchess, and died April 04, 1835 in NY - Amenia, Dutchess.

   ii.   MARY WOOLSEY, b. June 01, 1732, NY - Long Island mrd.
John Releff KNICKERBOCKER 31 Oct 1771 - Amenia, Dutchess, New York.
Daughter: Mary Knickerbocker , b: February 15, 1778

   iii.   REBECCA WOOLSEY, b. April 14, 1734, NY - Huntington, Long Island.
      Christening: May 17, 1734, Old First Church, Main St., Huntington, Long Island, New York
Nothing more is known about Rebecca but she should be able to be found.

   iv.   JOHN WOOLSEY III, b. October 15, 1737, NY - chr: 19 Oct 1737, Huntington, Long Island; d. January 14, 1819, TN - Jearoldstown, Lick Creek, Greene. Md 1) Priscilla Woolsey & 2) Sarah B. Oliphant.

   v.   LAWRENCE WOOLSEY was born Abt 1739. He married CATHERINE. Lawrence resided in Amenia, NY and Little Nine Partners, Dutchess, NY.

   vi.   ZEPHANIAH WOOLSEY, b. June 03, 1740, NY - Huntington, Long Island - Woolsey farm; d. May 14, 1807, TN - Camp Creek, Greene County. Md Sarah Woolsey.

   vii.   DENTON WOOLSEY, b 1741, of Dover Plains, d. 20 May 1777, Dover Plains, buried Valley View Cemetery, Dover Plains, Dutchess Co., New York

   viii.   ISRAEL WOOLSEY, b. October 26, 1742, NY - Huntington, Long Island.
      NOTES: Reported as being Baptised 26 Oct 1737 which would have been before Israel was born . Could be in Columbia County, New York.
Baptisms: October 26, 1742, Old First Church, Main St., Huntington, Long Island, New York

   ix.   SAMMON/SAMRIAS WOOLSEY, b. April 26, 1743.
      Notes for SAMRIAS WOOLSEY:
This person may have been Simeon ?? Woolsey as listed on the records of Etta Cooper. Etta's records state that Simeon stayed in New York when the rest of the family went to Virginia.

   x.   ABRAHAM WOOLSEY, see above - www does not think he fits in here.


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