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Descendants of William Woolsey 1782 - 1846

provided by Steven Alsip

WILLIAM WOOLSEY , (ZEPHANIAH6 , JOHN II5 , JOHN 4 , GEORGE "JORIS"3 , GEORGE SR2 , WILLIAM WOLSEY1 ) was born January 25, 1782 in VA - Washington County, and died May 14, 1846 in TN - Greene County. He married SARAH WOOLSEY May 18, 1802 in TN - Greene County, daughter of THOMAS WOOLSEY and PHOEBE GILBERT. She was born November 15, 1782 in VA - Washington County, and died February 02, 1857 in TN - Greene County.

Source: Marriage information - Record #810 "Greene county, Tennessee Marriages, 1738-1868" compiled by Goldene Fillers Burgner Witnesses: Joseph St. John

Some information from the pages of The Benjamin Woolsey Family of Yarmouth England by Katharine Susong Harmon

1850 October 1, Greene County, TN - Div 9, 1258/1258
Sarah Woolsey, 67, f, $1500, VA
Hephoziba Woolsey, 47, f, TN
Sarah E Woolsey, 24, f, TN
John M Overholser, 20, m, farmer, TN
Kerrehappuch Overholser, 22, f, TN
(living next door to son William B)

WILL of William: JUN 1, 1846 - Value $6,000
AT To wife Sarah, all real and personal estate - not to sell or make waste with it. Children to get it at her death. To son Thomas, land on French Broad River, where he now lives. To son Zephaniah, decd. - his widow Rachel, $5, her children $50. To son William B., to have land rent free - but must keep up fence. To daughter Hepzibah Woolsey, 1/2 the cupboard. Other children: Gilbert, Jerusha Woolsey, Marriann, Sarah, and Karenhappuck Woolsey, daughters to have beds, bedsteads, horses and land.
Executers: Wylie Kelley, William B Woolsey Dated : May 6, 1846; Witnesses; Dated: May 6, 1846
Witnesses; William S Ruble, John W Ruble Executers on Bond; Wylie Kelly, William B Woolsey, Frederick Dewitt, John W Ruble.
Executer; Wylie Kelly
Dated: Jan. 27, 1857
Wittnesses; H.T. Price, G.H. Price

Feb. 2, 1857 - $1,200
To daughter Hepsibah Bell - my bay horse and bedstead.
To daughter Jerusha Ruble - yellow heifer, small baker, 1/2 the new bed.
To daughter Sarah E. Woolsey - cows, hogs, furniture, and all articles she made.
To daughter Karenhappech Overholer - red cow, bedstead and 1/2 bed.
To son Gilbert - 31 1/2 acres of land.
To son Stephen M. - one bed blanket.
To son William B - black alpaca dress pattern. (Per Carolyn Wilkerson: My first thought was now why would she give a boy a dress pattern. So then took the time to look up alpaca. Webster's dictionary - 1: a domesticated mammal (Lama pacos) especially of Peru that is prob. descended from the guanaco 2: a - wool of the alpaca b (1) : a thin cloth made of or containing this wool (2) : a rayon or cotton imitation of this cloth . So why would Sarah have a alpaca pattern. Was it handed down to her? Did they have llama's or did they use other material in place of the llama material? Look at the childrens names - Karenhappech, Jerusha Ruble, Hepsibah where in the family did these name came from?)
Dated: Jan. 27, 1857
Witt.: H.T. Price, G.H. Price

The following microfilm records - Will of William Woolsey of Greene County, TN, microfilm records provided by Norbert Woolsey

Microfilm #464111, Will Book 1828-1854. There are 3 other films available, 1802-1854, number 24668, and 1828-1931, vol 1 & 2, number 944409, and vol 3-5, number 944410. You might also check the 24668 number.

1850 Greene County, Tenn., census records show the following:
Sarah Woolsey, 69,
Hephoziba, 47,
Sarah E., 24,
John m. Overholser, 20,
Karenhappech Overholser, 22.

2007 October 25 from Rebecca Siple:
Unless there was another Zephaniah who married a Rachael and died before 1846, I'm claiming William & Sally as my 4th great-grandparents. Woo--Hooo!!!!!!

  1. MARY ANN WOOLSEY, m. JOHN CRUM, March 15, 1849, TN - Greene County.
    17 Oct 2002, from Nancy Curran:
    While looking for another Marriage I found this one in Goldeen Fillers Burgner's, Greene Co. TN, 1783-188 pg 164. John Crum m. Mary Ann Woolsey 15 March, 1849. Andrew Crum Bond. Married by W. B. (William Bonapart) Woolsey Baptist minister. I have not found Mary Ann in W. B. Woolsey's direct line.

    CW responded with the following information:
    Isaac Crum mrd Phoebe Miranda Harrison in Greene County, TN
    d/o John C Harrison 1859-1934 mrd in 1892 Penelope Ruth Nep Bowman in GreeneCounty, TN.
    s/o Josiah Harrison 1802-1875 mrd in 1857 Sarah E Woolsey 1826-1875 in Greene County, TN
    d/oWilliam Woolsey 1782-1846 mrd in 1802 Sarah Woolsey 1782-1857 in Greene County, TN
    Sarah E has a sister Mariann Woolsey (I do not have a birth date) and her brother was William Bonapart Woolsey.

    Is it possible that the above Mariann mrd John Crum?

    "100 Years" on the Woolsey website Chapter 8:
    mentions Prof E. Crum

    Also mentioned is Joe Crum, son of Prof. E. Crum: 8.
    htm (No documentation just an idea.-cww)

    1850 October 1, Greene County, TN - Div 9, 1250/1250
    Elizabeth Crum, 35, f, TN
    Louiza C Crum, 12, f, TN
    Neesa J Crum, 10, f, TN
    Mary E Crum, 9, f, TN
    Jacob P Crum, 8, m, TN
    John W Crum, 6, m, TN
    William A Crum, 4, m, TN
    James A Crum, 1, m, TN

    John Crum Sr, 65, m, tenant, VA
    Winny Crum, 45, f, NC

    Robert Crum, 22, m, laborer, TN

    Jerry Roberts, 45, m, laborer, NC
    Jane Roberts, 50, f, NC
    John Crum, 18, m, laborer, TN
    Edmond Roberts, 15, m, laborer, TN

    William B Woolsey, 29, m, farmer, TN
    Alice Woolsey, 26, f, TN
    Mary E Woolsey, 6, f, TN
    Stephan D C, 4, m, TN
    David M Woolsey, 1, m, TN

    Sarah Woolsey, 67, f, $1500, VA
    Hephoziba Woolsey, 47, f, TN
    Sarah E Woolsey, 24, f, TN
    John M Overholser, 20, m, farmer, TN
    Kerrehappuch Overholser, 22, f, TN

    John Crum, 24, m, farmer, $300, TN
    Elizabeth Crum, 18, f, TN
    James G Crum, 3, m, TN

    John Crum, 43, m, blacksmith, $200, TN
    Christian Crum, 37, f, TN
    Eve A Crum, 17, f, TN
    Elizabeth Crum, 15, f, TN

    1860 June 5, 6 & 7, Greene County, TN - Dist 2, 171/171
    Eml Crum, 25, m, farmer, $200, TN
    Mary E Crum, 22, f, TN
    William A Crum, 2, TN

  2. THOMAS WOOLSEY, b. 1803, TN - Greene County; d. Bet. 1850 - 1860, TX - Rusk County (probable).

  3. HEPSIBAH WOOLSEY, b. July 08, 1807, TN - Greene County; d. Abt. 1860, MO - Atchison County; m. JOSEPH BELL, January 17, 1855, TN - Greene County.

  4. ZEPHANIAH WOOLSEY, b. 1808, TN - Greene County; d. Bef. 1842, TN - Greene County.

  5. GILBERT C WOOLSEY, b. 1810, TN - Greene County; d. September 18, 1864, GA - Andersonville - Civil War Prison.

  6. PHOEBE WOOLSEY, b. 1814, TN - Greene County.

  7. JERUSHA WOOLSEY, b. June 21, 1816, TN - Greene County; d. April 30, 1885; m. WILLIAM JONES RUBLE August 26, 1847, TN - Greene County; b. April 18, 1829, TN - Washington County.

  8. WILLIAM BONAPART WOOLSEY, b. May 19, 1821, TN - Greene County; d. December 10, 1905.

  9. STEPHEN MARION WOOLSEY, b. August 19, 1823, TN - Greene County; d. December 19, 1876, MO - Atchison County.

  10. SARAH E WOOLSEY, b. Abt. 1826, TN - Greene County; d. Aft. 1875, TX.

  11. KERREHAPPUCH WOOLSEY, b. July 29, 1828, TN - Greene County; d. October 31, 1889; m. JOHN MATT OVERHOLSER, August 29, 1850, TN - Greene County; b. 1830, TN.

Source: Marriage information and spelling of name - Record # 1853 "Greene county, Tennessee Marriages, 1738-1868" compiled by Goldene Fillers Burgner
Witnesses: G. Wells; Tolbert Eason

1999 September 30, from Wilford W. Whitaker
I noticed the name Kerrenhappuch Shepherd on the Internet and when I inquired I was informed that that was the name of the third daughter of Job, the long-suffering Biblical character.
It means "Beautiful Eyes"

1999 October 13 from Leslie C Foster
Old Woolsey Cemetery - Near Mt View Church:
John M "Overhulster" - Co A 12th Tenn Cav (no dates)
w - Kerenhappuch 07-29-1828 - 10-31-1889
Source of information: "Greene County Cemeteries - from Earliest Dates to 1970-71," copied by Buford Reynolds, private publishing, c1971.

From Wilford Whitaker, May 11, 2002:
I have always been intrigued by the name Keren-happuch and it may interest you to know that as I was
researching our CORNELL family in Saffron Walden, Essex Co, England, that I ran across the name Keren-happuch in the Saffron Walden records, before 1600. I didn't follow up on it, but it appeared to be a Surname!.

Page 90-91 "God, A Hundred Years and A Free Will Baptist Family" by Paul Woolsey:
One day, when he (Thomas Hunter Woolsey) was a very young boy, he went with his brother, Jake Woolsey, to bring a load of wood with their yoke of oxen, On the way back, Jake was "plodding along" beside the oxen while young Tom was riding on the load of wood. Suddenly a bumble bee "got after Old Bald Face," the lead ox. With one long sweep of his horns, he had bowed Jake over and starred, along with his mate down a long steep hill. Now a team of oxen are not known for their rapidity, but this was another exception that proved the rule. The wood began to fall off and Tom slid down between the front of the sled and the double-tree, his legs, or rather one leg catching underneath the sled. The "Jones' Hill" down which they were running, is one of the longer and steeper hills in that section. At the foot of the hill, lived Mr. Matt Overholser, Tom's Uncle, in the house that Will Woolsey had built many years before. While Tom was usually more or less afraid of his stern and austere uncle, he was glad to have him rush out and rescue him at great peril to himself, A knee had been severely crushed and the young boy was in much pain. He was tenderly carried into the house. From then on, it was hard for Tom to believe the tales concerning the harshness of Uncle Matt."

1850 October 1, Greene County, TN - Div 9, 1258/1255
Sarah Woolsey, 67, f, $1500, VA
Hephoziba Woolsey, 47, f, TN
Sarah E Woolsey, 24, f, TN
John M Overholser, 20, m, farmer, TN
Kerrehappuch Overholser, 22, f, TN

Woolsey Real Estate Conveyances, Greene County, TN (On the Woolsey Website)

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