In 1905, Karl Gustaf returned to Jakobstad. The only gold he came home with was a gold coin with axes and spades for his wife Hanna.

According to certain church records of the early 1900s, Karl Gustaf was designated a custodian. According to a work certificate from 11 November 1905, he worked for the police as a constable until April 1906.

The third and fourth generation of Westerholm painters.

Thor Viktor Westerholm (1896-1967) and his son Gustaf Thorsson Westerholm (born 1938).

The Master Painter Karl Gustaf Westerholm died 25 January 1924. His widow Johanna (Hanna) Westerholm, (born Widman), lived until 11 October 1956 in a nursing home.

When Johanna turned 80, on 12 June 1949, the closest relatives visited her on Villa Björkliden, the Westerholm villa at Östanpå.

In the photo, Hanna sits in the middle, with her son Gösta to her right, and her son Thor to her left. Her daughter Irma Holmström (born Westerholm) is directly behind her with daughter Britta Holmström (married Forsman) in front of her. To the right of Gösta is his mother-in-law Johanna Miettinen.

Above (in the back row) were Ragni Holmström (married Lindvall), Inga Westerholm (married Headrick), Margit Westerholm (born Höglund), Hellen Westerholm (born Miettinen), Irma Holmström, Helfrid Berg (born Allardt) and Ellen Widman, sister of Hanna.

On the front row were Gustaf Thorsson Westerholm, Kurt Homstrom, Thord Therell (Swedish family) and Laila-Ester Höglund (cousin of the Westerholm children).

Gosta and Hellen had no children. Inga and Gustaf are Thor's and Margit's children. Big brother Sven is grown up and moved away. Sven continues the sailing tradition with a few more years of study to obtain a captain's certificate.

Ragni, Kurt and Britta are Irma's children. Helfrid is the grandchild of Matts Karlsson Jussila and Maria Sofia Hämäläinen, Agda's daughter.

Hanna's daughter Rachel (see photo) spent many years in the sanatorium of Östanlid (for tuberculosis). She was not married and had no children.

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