Photo: Thor's son Gustaf has related the following memories from his childhood:
"Ellen Widman's house was the third house after the Westerholm house. At her window, she had a mirror, through which she could see everything happening on the street. I visited her often after school, and she was lying on the sofa in the living room. Laughing, she maintained that she had such a terrible headache that she would gladly change heads with a cow. I always got some candy, one little marmalade-filled candy or a lump of sugar. Her house was changed to two apartments. The kitchen was very small, with an open wood stove. A coffee kettle of copper was hanging on a hook and was quite sooty. I remember that my father took it to a metal worker, Kalle Limnell on Skutnägsgatan street for the pot to be lined with tin."

Photo: Hanna Widman's and Karl Gustaf's oldest daughter Elvi Mathilda fell in love with the son of the cobbler, Anders Englund. The son's name was Axel Andreas Englund (1884-1956). Axel and Elvi were married in December 1911. Love has now gone back and forth between the little red house and the yellow Westerholm house. The circle is complete.

After a couple of years in Helsinki, Axel and Elvi emigrated to California in 1914, with their son Viktor Eugen (1912-1979). Their happiness did not last for long. Elvi died 23 July 1918 from tuberculosis.

Eugen stayed in California. Axel returned to Finland after a time. Eugen's three sons, Lawrence (1941-2017), Charles (1942-) and Kenneth (1948-) have all had families with children in California. When Charles and Kenneth visited Jakobstad in 2002, they saw where the grandparents had grown up. It was an impressive event.

Photo: Taken on 42 Skutnägsgatan street. Elvi, Axel and Eugen leaving for Helsingfors. The family got together: From the left, Hanna and Karl Gustaf Westerholm, Irma, Henrietta Englund, Elvi and Axel with Eugen, Rachel, Axel's brother Verner, cobbler Anders Englund and Axel's cousin Wilhelm (Ville).

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