Photo: This photo is taken after Hans' new marriage in March 1869 to Helena Sundqvist (1829-1904). She was a sailor's daughter and had grown up on Hamngatan street. Gustaf sits on the lap of his stepmother Helena. Behind her is her daughter Maria Wilhelmina Sundqvist, born in 1851. Behind Hans is Brita's and Hans' firstborn, Catharina Carolina, born in 1850. Both girls are the same age, and moved to Helsinki, where they were married, Maria to Matts Nystrom and Catharina to Frans Karp.

Photograph by Lars Johan Peldan, 1869.

Sven Eric was born in 1853. When he was 24, he emigrated to the United States in a way very much used in those days. He mustered on board as a sailor on the frigate Equator and in Philadelphia, he left the ship. In the log book of the frigate Equator, it was written on 10 December 1877 that crewman Sven Westerholm disappeared with his belongings. The frigate continued sailing ten days later to Antwerp (Holland). Sven settled down in the district of New York and married Kate Gheam. As widow of the sailor Emil Jansson, Lovisa Augusta (born 1858) emigrated with her son Emil to America in 1913. Lovisa was on the far left in the photo.

With his second wife Helena, Hans had children Aina Maria and Hans Wiktor Ivar, born in 1870 and 1873. Both died as teenagers from typhus and tuberculosis.

Of the siblings, only Gustaf was left in the home. He took over the painting business and lived in the yellow house on Hamngatan street with his family.

For his master painter's exam, Hans Westerholm painted the "Panther," a painting that the great-grandson Gustaf took with him when he moved to the United States, and he has photographed it.

The guild board shown in this text can be seen in Jakobstad's museum, now called Malmska garden. The board is from 1849, when Hans received his master certification, and the year his teacher Benjamin Töhlgren died.

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