Prize essay on

The Construction of a Simple but Mechanically Perfect Watch

Moritz Grossmann

Translated by
Richard Watkins
Kingston, Tasmania, Australia
Published by the translator
January, 2001
First edition, January 2001
© Copyright 2001, Richard Watkins.

This book may be reproduced without permission provided that it is reproduced in its entirety without any changes and it is distributed free of any charges.

Translator's Preface iv
Chapter I Introductory remarks 1
Chapter II The frame 3
Chapter III The barrel and mainspring 7
Chapter IV Clickwork 9
Chapter V Stopwork 10
Chapter VI The train 14
Chapter VII Motion work 18
Chapter VIII The escapement 20
Chapter IX Case fitting 22
Chapter X Jewelling 24
Chapter XI The fusee 26
Chapter XII Keyless winding 30

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