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MARC TOVAR: has a website that shows this clock, the escapement of which he designed with the help of my book (read Chapter 10). View it in two AVI movies.

The University of St. Andrews: the oldest university in Scotland. Visit this superb website with pages about the Epicycloidal Curve (see the involute and cycloidal curves also) and about the Longitude Problem. You could spend hours here!


BHI: The British Horological Institute. The 1st stop for Hints and Tips. Review this abundant resource of information. One of the best horological websites on the net! Also see their Links Page.

Fendley's: Richard Cox offers excellent gear cutting and escape wheel cutting for clocks. Fendley's is at 1530 Etain Rd, Irving, Texas 75060. If you need to have a new gear cut, you may reach Richard at (972) 986-7698 or send an email to richard@fendley-cox.com.

Howard Miller: If you want to buy a new clock in the United States, visit their website. Be sure to read my Clock Buying Tips before you buy any clock.

Atomtime: A small program for setting your computer's clock to the atomic clock in Boulder, Colorado. Very useful.

ClockWatch: A website with excellent escapement animations and other information.

Watchman's Clocks: this website offers a nice presentation of the history of clocks for security guards, manufactured by Detex Corporation, one of very few manufacturing facilities of clocks in the United States. Detex is here in central Texas!

Historical Clock & Watch Research: offers information from their libriary.

Price-Less Ads: has a very large list of websites for those looking for antiques, jewelry, clocks, watches, and more.

Timesavers: for clock parts, tools and supplies. Some watch tools too.

Martin Rideout: British horology page about electric timepieces.

Locke's: British horology website.

Time: A nice general interest website (about the history of timekeepers).

Herschede Hall Clock Co.: Read a brief history of the Herschede Hall Clock Co. Also view a serial numbers chart for clocks made by Herschede, including mechanical and electric clocks sold under the Herschede, Revere, and GE brands.

Calendars: This page explains some history about calendars: Gregorian, Julian, Chinese, Hebrew, Islamic, Indian. This is all, of course, related to the history of horology.

The National Maritime Museum: in London (UK). Has a lot of historical information about important timekeepers.

Epicycloidal Curve: this is a very impressive page!


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