Below are photos of a three-weight Vienna Regulator wall clock (circa 1860) as it was disassembled. The three-weight version strikes the quarter hour on one chime rod, followed by the hour on another chime rod. For example, at 6:45, it would strike three times on one gong, followed by six times on the other gong. Most mechanisms, like this one, are unsigned, but prominent names, such as Gustav Becker, are sometimes found on the mechanism. All Vienna Regulators are collectible. The three-weight Viennas are particularly rare and desirable. All parts were fitted and finished by hand.

Fig. 1

Figure 2 shows shows the positions of the levers during striking of the quarter hour.

Fig. 2

The rear view in Figure 3 shows the pendulum beat adjustment on the crutch lever.

Fig. 3

Figure 4 shows the arrangement of the gears once the plates were separated.

Fig. 4

The design of the pallets is not designed on a square, but taller, in order to reduce the amplitude of oscillation of the pendulum (to minimize circular error). This clock has a Graham escapement.

Fig. 5

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