o HONORE GAROUTTE ca 1635 &ca 1650 ANNE DE MASCARON ca 1635
o Barthelemy GAROUTTE ca 1650 & ? ?
o Claude GAROUTTE ca 1670 & ? ?
o Noel GAROUTTE ca 1695 &1721 Catherine MOUREN 1697/1700
o Jean Joseph GAROUTTE 1724 &1751 Elize BONSEIGNEUR ca 1725
o Francois GAROUTTE 1757 &1777 Marguerite AMIC 1762
o Noel Francois GAROUTTE 1782 &1802 Therese Rose BERNUS ca 1782
o Laurent Marius GAROUTTE 1807 &1832 Elisabeth MONIER ca 1810
o Laurent Henri GAROUTTE 1827 & Angelique AURENE ca 1830
o Henri Hippolyte GAROUTTE 1874 & Marie Therese PINATEL ca 1874
o Henri GAROUTTE 1902-ca 1971 & Juliette SCHILLING ca 1902
o Jean Marie GAROUTTE 1910
o Franz GAROUTTE 1920
o HENRI GAROUTTE ca 1652-ca 1704 &1674 ANGELIQUE DE PISTRE ca 1654
o Charles GAROUTTE 1685 & ? ?
o Theophile Marius GAROUTTE ca 1860 & ? ?
o Gabriel GAROUTTE 1881 & Marguerite UNKNOWN ca 1880
o Albert GAROUTTE 1905-1979 & Suzanne UNKNOWN ca 1905-1989
o Jacqueline GAROUTTE 1930- & Jacques BOURRELI ca 1930-
o Claude GAROUTTE 1937- & Denise ROURE ca 1937-
o Regis GAROUTTE 1962- & Agnes D'AUMONT 1962-
o Marie GAROUTTE 1985-
o Matthieu GAROUTTE 1987-
o Manon GAROUTTE 1996-
o Agnes GAROUTTE 1964-
o Angelique GAROUTTE 1686 &1710 Honore AURENE ca 1677
o Jean GAROUTTE 1689
o Anne GAROUTTE 1690
o Marie Anne GAROUTTE 1692
o ANTOINE GAROUTTE 1695-1753/ &1726 ANNE DELASCOURS 1710-1760
o Marie Anne GAROUTTE 1733-1740
o Marie Madeleine GAROUTTE 1734-1822 &1756 Cesar Antoine Joseph D'ESPINASSY 1723-1804
o Rose GAROUTTE 1736-1739
o Matheus [Mathein] GAROUTTE 1738-1739
o Philippe GAROUTTE 1741-1741
o Francois GAROUTTE 1741-1741
o Martha GAROUTTE 1779
o Nancy Anna GAROUTTE 1782-1820
o MICHAEL GAROUTTE 1784-1853 &1803 JUDITH SARAH PETERSON ca 1783-1854
o SARAH E. GAROUTTE 1834-1878 &1857 ANDREW JACKSON GROSS 1827-1910
o Marie Jane GAROUTTE 1846-1922 &1866 John Barnhard GROSS ca 1846
o GEORGE PETERSON GAROUTTE 1809-1894 &1870 Catherine GROSS 1847-1937
o May GAROUTTE ca 1872 & Unknown HART ca 1870
o Royal Fleischman GAROUTTE 1877
o Bethia GAROUTTE 1786-ca 1855 &1806 Archibald MCAFEE 1783-ca 1865
o Charlotte GAROUTTE 1788-1810
o Sophia GAROUTTE 1790-1835
o James Smith GAROUTTE 1792-1876
o John Sheridan "Craden" GAROUTTE 1794-1883
o Samuel GAROUTTE 1796-1857
o William GAROUTTE 1798-1863
o Mary GAROUTTE 1798-1880
o David "Anthony" GAROUTTE 1800-1861 &1823 Margaret Furniss EGGMAN 1808-1855
o John E. GAROUTTE 1823 &1849 Sarah Elizabeth REYNOLDS ca 1833
o Amanda GAROUTTE 1851 & Charles Montgomery Gillis GRAY ca 1851
o George G. W. GAROUTTE 1831
o Charles W. GAROUTTE 1833
o Anna GAROUTTE 1837
o James GAROUTTE 1841
o Susan GAROUTTE 1842
o Sarah GAROUTTE 1843
o David "Anthony" GAROUTTE 1800-1861 &1855 Margaret REYNOLDS ca 1835-1866
o Elizabeth "Eliza" GAROUTTE 1802
o Jean Baptiste GAROUTTE 1697 & ? ?
o Claude GAROUTTE ca 1720
o Marie GAROUTTE ca 1722
o Martel GAROUTTE ca 1724
o Madeleine GAROUTTE ca 1726
o Noel GAROUTTE ca 1728
o Dorothee GAROUTTE ca 1658 &1677 Jean MOUSSAU ca 1655
o Blanche GAROUTTE ca 1660 &1680 Honore LEONARD ca 1655


Eliza Ann Garoutte (daughter of Michael Garoutte and Sophia Smith) was born July 21, 1802 in Burlington County, New Jersey, and died November 22, 1869 in Mt. Tabor Cemetery, TN. She married Charles Lovett on May 04, 1826 in New Jersey.
Notes for Eliza Ann Garoutte:
ELIZA GAROUTTE, 13th child of Michael Garoutte and Sophia Smith Garoutte,born July 21, 1802 in Burlington County, New Jersey, died Nov. 22, 1869. Internment at Mt. Tabor Cemetery [see notes below on BETHIA GAROUTTE, the 4th child of Michael and Sophia Smith Garoutte] Greene County, Tenn.; married Charles Lovett May 4, 1826 in New Jersey, and the family lived there until they moved to Tennessee. Charles Lovett was born Dec. 4, 1803 in Burlington County, New Jersey, and died June 3, 1872. Internment at Mt. Tabor Cemetary, Greene County, Tennessee.Charles Lovett served in the Civil War. He enlisted at Chimney Top Mountain, Greene County, Tenn., Nov. 1881 in Company 'I' Commanded by Captain A. Hammond in the 1st Regiment of Tennessee Cavalry, Commanded by Robert Johnson. He was given an honorable discharge Apr. 10, 1863 by reason of physical disability caused by a gunshot wound and old age. He was a brick mason by trade and a farmer. (The information on Charles Lovett's service record are from the National Archives and Records Service, Washington, D.C. 20408).


Bethia Garoutte (daughter of Michael Garoutte and Sophia Smith) was born October 20, 1786 in New Jersey, and died about 1855. She married Archibald McAfee.
Notes for Bethia Garoutte:
BETHIA GAROUTTE, the 4th child of Michael and Sophia Smith Garoutte, was born in New Jersey Oct. 20, 1786, died between 1850/60, buried at Mt. Tabor Cemetery, Geene Co., Tenn.; m. Dec. 10, 1806 Pleasant Mills, New Jersey, Archibald McAfee, b. 1783 in Penn., died 1865, buried Mt. Tabor Cemetery, Green Co., Tenn. It is thought that Archibald McAfee went to N.J. to seek employment at the Batsto Iron Works, which was located near Pleasant Mills. Their marriage and the names of their first three children - Elizabeth, Sophia and Mary Magdelene - were recorded in Michael Garoutte's Bible. He also wrote that, after his wife's death, he went to live with the McAfee's Aug, 23, 1818 and on Oct. 29, 1818 he, the family of McAfee's and Samuel Garoutte arrived at the home of John and Sophia Sevier in Green Co., Tenn. A deed recorded in the Greene Co. Court house, states that Archibald McAfee bought 275 acres of land April 13, 1825 from John Sevier, paying $457.00 cash. Archibald continued his occupation as blacksmith and established the Camp Creek Iron Works. The McAfee home was located in a valley at the foothills of the Unaka Mountains near a large spring. Bethia Garoutte McAfee has been remembered through generations is being very religious.She and her husband gave the land where the McAfee church and Cemetery is located. This log structure was destroyed by a wind storm. The present church located on this property is Mt. Tabor Methodist (M.E.) Church. The first grave in this cemetery was a daughter of the McAfee's. During an illness she had requested that she be buried on a hillside near a woodland where she had so often heard the song of a dove. Archibald, Bethia and many of their descendents are buried in this cemetery, also Bethias' sister Eliza Ann Garoutte Lovett and her husband Charles Lovett. Sophia, Bethia and Eliza, the daughters of Michael Garoutte have many descendents in East Tenn.