This gallery has about 75 Java clocks that use the time on your computer to display the actual time. Many of them are clocks I found on the internet around the year 2002 and displayed each one on most of the pages of my website. I had to remove them in 2015 to make those pages user friendly for mobile devices, such as iPhones, smart phones with Android, and the iPad, so now I present them here. Please note that the clocks on pages 5 and 6 work only in old browsers that have updates turned off. The clocks on pages 5 and 6 work with Windows 7 if you install an old browser in a separate folder, as I did with Mozilla Firefox from 2007 and Java jre-6u15 from 2011. Java is available for download, but I am using an older version. Make sure updates are turned off because new browsers, (which I keep in separate folders), do not work with Java, so I keep two versions of Firefox on my computer. Also install an older version of Flash. In Windows 10, the old version of Firefox kept crashing. After all these years, I still like XP the best. These Java clocks are well worth the effort to get to see them.

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