On the invoice (see below) for the work which Hans had done in 1854 for the pharmacist, Victor Schauman, a variety of work of all kinds was mentioned, from painting of dolls to lacquering a cart. Walls had been painted in the pharmacy and in the home of the pharmacist. He painted eight big and small ceilings, windows, doors, and a pram had been painted green with black lines, etc.

Master Painter Hans Westerhom died shortly before becoming 77 years old on 30 June 1902 and was buried in the old cemetery of Jakobstad (just west of Hamngatan street). There he is resting under a beautiful cross, to the right side of the entrance into the cemetery. Helena's cross is in front of the hedge, not far from her husband's cross. Their son's cross (Hans Viktor Ivars) is on the incline to the main entrance to the cemetery.

Hans wrote the following text into their family Bible. "So we may wander all over the world, one with another, come whoever you are and think where you should go."

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