The Central Texas Museum of Automotive History acquired more cars since my last visit in 2010, so here is a page to present some more of them. These photos were taken in September, 2011.

 1901 Holsman Tonneau (USA) 2 cyl. 
 1903 Cadillac 
 1906 Bugmobile 
 1906 International Truck 
 2 cyl. 15 HP. 
 1911 Buick Model 14 
 1920 Velie Touring Car 
 1922 Citroën Clover Leaf Roadster 
 1923 Chevrolet Superior 
 1925 Delage Coupe 
 1925 Delage Coupe 
 1925 Essex 
 1928 Pierce Arrow 
 1931 Ford Model A Coupe 
 1931 Ford Model A Pickup Truck 
 1934 Duesenberg 
 Model SJ 
 Dual Cowl Phaeton 
 1935 Ford V8 Coupe 
 1937 Ford V8 Coupe 
 1946 Ford Super Deluxe Coupe 
 1949 Diamond T Pickup Truck 
 6 cyl. Hercules Engine 
 1940s Indian Motorcycle 
 1950s Harley Davidson Motorcycle 
 1955 Ford Thunderbird V8 
 1967 Chevrolet Chevelle SS 

Central Texas Museum of Automotive History  

 Map: 2502 Highway 304 
Smithville, TX 78957

  Remarkable Cars 

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